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Harajuku Lovers

Harajuku Lovers Videos

Harajuku Lovers shoes are hip and fearless. Enjoy this collection of shoe videos that show off styles from the one and only Harajuku Lovers.

Karl - Red

Karl - Blue

Karl - Black

Karis Heel - Natural

Karis Heel - Black

Kameryn - Silver Gold

Kameryn - Black

Danson Sandal - White

Danson Sandal - Black

Dmaker Heel - Nude

Dmaker Heel - Brown

Delaney - White

Delaney - Brown

Dmaker Sandal - Black

Dalle Heel - Red

Dalle Heel - Brown

Dalle Heel - Black

Davenport Heel - Black

Diamond Heel - Black

Ilyssa Heel - Red Suede

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