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Customer Testimonials

We love getting feedback from our customers. And we do listen to all of the suggestions you send in. In fact a lot of the recent site redesign came from great suggestions from our customers. We are always looking to improve the experience. So don't be shy, let us know how we are doing.

Some of Our Favorite Feedback

“Always fast shipping. Always satisfied”  –  August 30, 2015  –  12:40 AM
“Great :)”  –  August 29, 2015  –  6:44 AM
“The shoes arrived very quickly and they were perfect. My daughter needed them very fast and I didn't have the luxury of them not being right - and they were perfect!!”  –  August 29, 2015  –  1:02 AM
“Any issues resolved immediately! So impressed and live my new heels! Would and Wi highly recommend! Thank you!”  –  August 28, 2015  –  9:52 PM
“Great customer service!”  –  August 28, 2015  –  5:49 PM
“Lovvvve your site and service fabulous keep up the fantastic Kobe your company is great”  –  August 28, 2015  –  1:46 AM
“ is excellent--great products, promos, and customer service. Plus shipping is FAST and FREE. Returns are easy with free return shipping. However, I don't recommend exchanges. My exchange took longer than expected and the shoe size I wanted became unavailable. Next time--as the site sugges...”  –  August 27, 2015  –  8:36 PM
“the shoes are asome i love it the service good the size perfect they loock exacly the same im so happy about them amaizing cervices”  –  August 27, 2015  –  8:10 PM
“Love the shoes!”  –  August 27, 2015  –  5:06 PM
“I ordered a blue shoe by privileged & wasn't sent the correct shoe, I was basically sent what you had available and that was the black shoe”  –  August 27, 2015  –  2:18 PM
“Love”  –  August 27, 2015  –  1:08 PM
“Love your site, product, promos and customer service. I have recommended to all of my friends. You made my exchange simple and took excellent care of me! Thank you for s great experience.”  –  August 27, 2015  –  5:45 AM
“my shoes fit perfectly”  –  August 27, 2015  –  3:06 AM
“Prompt customer service!”  –  August 27, 2015  –  2:33 AM
“My order arrived very fast. My biggest concern was the shoes had visible spot, like bleach stains in which the fabric of the shoe was two different colors. I call customer service immediately and complained. The rep seemed unbothered and uninterested in my complaint. All she did was apologize and o...”  –  August 27, 2015  –  2:28 AM
“good”  –  August 27, 2015  –  1:49 AM
“Loved!!”  –  August 27, 2015  –  1:31 AM
“Good”  –  August 26, 2015  –  9:15 PM
“Wow I love there fabulous shoes. Thanks”  –  August 26, 2015  –  3:11 PM
“It's gud sit for buying. O % frude but the shoe buckle was short and I hve to fix it cuz I had no red shoe to match my outfit”  –  August 26, 2015  –  3:30 AM
“I love my new heels! I also love the fact that has video of the shoes, it really encourages me to make purchases! Happy with the fast delivery and product quality. Thank you!”  –  August 26, 2015  –  1:37 AM
“ does not nessarly care about their customers or even their products. Many times have I received heels from their site which were damaged/or not as advertised. I'm going to note now that the damages were always minor in scale. Small scratches, blemishes in the finish, or missing ston...”  –  August 26, 2015  –  1:29 AM
“I found it was easy to order etc and was surprised I got the item within a week. Only thing that threw me was that I didn't realise it was in US dollars and then the extra cost of the conversion. Next time I will know”  –  August 26, 2015  –  1:19 AM
“I thought the overall experience was good --my only suggestion would be to have a way to filter the BOGO or Sale items for a specific designer (example--I pretty much only wear JS--it would be nice to be able to see what she & she only has in BOGO or sale areas)”  –  August 25, 2015  –  7:46 PM
“I have placed many orders with The process is super easy; delivery is fast. There have been a few occasions when I have ordered over the phone instead of using the web, and the staff have been terrific. is the first place I look when I need a pair of shoes; and of course with...”  –  August 25, 2015  –  4:24 PM