Heels.com Discount Code Sales and Policies

These policies apply to all sales offered with companies such as Living Social, Eversave, Plum District, Google Offers, and Groupon wherein our valued customers purchase credit with Heels.com which is provided in the form of a discount code. The code will be referred to below as a “Discount Code” (although different companies call it different names such as a “groupon” or an “eversave code”).

Customers will be provided with a one-time-use code which is good for the stated discount on Heels.com! Below are some frequently asked questions regarding our policies and what happens to this amount as you use it with Heels.com.

How do I use my Discount Code?

You can enter this code in the Coupon Code section on the Heels.com Checkout Screen to apply a one–time discount!

Can this code be combined with other offers?

Only one promotional code can be applied per order at Heels.com. You are welcome to use your discount code on one purchase and then make a second purchase with our current discount!

This code is a long string of numbers. How do I know that I have the right code?

Living Social codes begin with LS. Groupon codes begin with G100 or G50. Google Offers begin with GF. Eversave codes end in –ES or –ES2, and Plum District codes end in –PM. For further information, please contact the company which sold you the code.

What if I do not use the entire amount on one order?

All codes are one–time–use. We highly recommend you use the entire amount so that you can get your money's worth out of the code! All codes can only be used one time. Heels.com Representatives will not be able to issue you the difference in store credit. As per the policies of the company which sold you the code, all codes are one time use only. Fortunately we have free returns! To regain the original value of the code, you are welcome to return your order to us and we will reissue the code back to you (the original code) for use again.

What happens when I want to return an item?

Don't worry. Your coupon code will be reissued to you. You can use it again!

What happens when I want to return an item and its value is only part of my code?

Don’t worry. You will be issued a new coupon code good for the same amount of credit on Heels.com.

What if I want to make an exchange?

We are happy to exchange for another size for you. Simply request the replacement size on your invoice and we’ll re–ship your order out with the new size.

If you prefer to purchase a different color or item, we will issue you a refunded discount code as above and would be happy to assist you in placing a new order.

What happens if I want to return an item and I would like that value applied to a new order?

I’m sorry, but Heels.com Representatives are not able to help with this request. We cannot take store credit and apply it to an existing order. Store Credit can only be used on new orders. We recommend that you return your item to us and receive a new code. You may then use the new code to place a new order on Heels.com!

What if my Discount Code does not work?

First, ensure that you are entering the code into the “Coupon Code” box on Heels.com. Second, please check all easily confused characters such as zeros and letter O’s, and also ensure there are no spaces in the entry box.

If the code still does not work, we highly recommend that you contact the firm from which you purchased the code and report to them that you have purchased a non–working code. We are happy to help, but in these cases we are usually not as much help as the company which sold the code!

I have another concern!

Please feel feel free to contact us here: http://www.heels.com/contactus