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Customer Testimonials

We love getting feedback from our customers. And we do listen to all of the suggestions you send in. In fact a lot of the recent site redesign came from great suggestions from our customers. We are always looking to improve the experience. So don't be shy, let us know how we are doing.

Some of Our Favorite Feedback

“Outstanding! They are very understanding. They seem to care about the customer. Excellent customer service.”  –  September 29, 2016  –  3:06 AM
“I really love that particular style and brand . I thought it was great that you had it available. !!”  –  September 29, 2016  –  12:15 AM
“My shoes shipped really quickly. I really like the site! I would definitely recommend them and have purchased again.”  –  September 25, 2016  –  10:51 PM
“I found the website user friendly and they have a nice selection of shoes.”  –  September 21, 2016  –  3:55 AM
“Ok this was my first time purchasing from your website and I am so pleased. The shipping was awsome, you had my size, and an tons of other great shoes to choose from. Thanks so much cant wait to buy again.”  –  September 21, 2016  –  12:52 AM
“I have made several orders from and they have been a great service. I have no complaints thus far.”  –  September 21, 2016  –  12:08 AM
“Its a hussle if you are ordering from Australia. When browsed they converted to AU dollar and on sale but showed US pricing after i ordered and no sale price so it ended up being much more expensive. I called them knowing i ll be charged heaps cause calling from Australia, girl on phone was cold and...”  –  September 20, 2016  –  8:10 AM
“Quick shipping, great price, awesome service.”  –  September 20, 2016  –  2:44 AM
“Mala calidad y maltrato de los zapatos”  –  September 20, 2016  –  2:08 AM
“I love the shoes Pitch Perfect”  –  September 20, 2016  –  12:56 AM
“I like the website very much. Even though they have a huge selection of shoes, I still find it easy to find what I am looking for”  –  September 19, 2016  –  4:04 PM
“Absolutely love this site”  –  September 19, 2016  –  1:33 PM
“I would recommend anyone to buy fro this company and I will definitely buy from them again. The service was faster than I expected and the shoes arrived right on time.”  –  September 19, 2016  –  11:57 AM
“Fast shipping”  –  September 19, 2016  –  1:38 AM
“Service was great. In fact they asked for a review before the item even arrived. Ended up being too small. Easy return instructions.I would order from them again.”  –  September 18, 2016  –  10:58 PM
“Very fast shipping”  –  September 18, 2016  –  4:36 PM
“I thought the price, delivery, and problem free service was outstanding especially for an international delivery :-) I was expecting to wait weeks for an undesirable product.. but instead everything was perfect!”  –  September 18, 2016  –  7:26 AM
“No problems. Shoes arrived perfectly and very quickly. Didn't need to contact them for anything. This was my first purchase from them and I have no issues ordering from them again.”  –  September 18, 2016  –  4:07 AM
“Fit information is completely off on We bought several clearance shoes based on the size/fit information that can't be returned, and are stuck with shoes that aren't even CLOSE to being correct fit for the size.”  –  September 18, 2016  –  3:04 AM
“Great service, website, selection, this company!”  –  September 17, 2016  –  7:10 PM
“Great”  –  September 17, 2016  –  12:47 AM
“I was impressed with the quality of the shoes I ordered, and the swift delivery from the USA to Australia.”  –  September 15, 2016  –  1:18 PM
“They are a quality site. Good service, easy returns, and quality product.”  –  September 15, 2016  –  10:01 AM
“Quick and easy beautiful shoes”  –  September 15, 2016  –  12:51 AM
“ is always super fast and dependable when processing orders. They also have a great selection of shoe styles and sizes available all the time! Wife loves the new pair that I just surprised her with. Thanks”  –  September 15, 2016  –  12:19 AM